In our current fluid reality, healthy companies cannot imagine a work organisation that always remains the same, and need to remain flexible. Flexibility inevitably influences the business climate.
That’s because flexibility requires the ability to recognise change, to plan it, to think of implementation strategies and to make it durable over time. Flexibility also means not having foreseen a change, but finding oneself in the urgent and necessary position of having to manage scenarios, decisions and situations that require a prompt response.

There is not just an organisational strategy behind each of these moments, but employees and leaders who express, interpret, give impulses and manage the tensions resulting from the consequences of change.
Each of these moments represents an opportunity to enhance overall individual and organisational skills. It is important that the company therefore tackle acquisitions, mergers, reorganisations, generational transitions and shock cultures with the confidence and awareness to give continuity to the company and its identity, and ensure a working environment that not only performs, but is also healthy and balanced.
Eapitalia World provides “supporting advice” during all these moments of change, with the aim of building a working structure that remains stable and up-to-date.

  • Assessment

  • Survey

  • Focus Group

  • Leadership coaching

  • Training

  • Team building

  • Targeted interventions

  • Modular Formulas

  • Ad hoc design